UntitledIgår gick vi upp med tuppen, jag och Fanny för att åka ut till studion och plåtningen.Untitled
Tadaa allt uppplockat!

Här kommer en liten sneak peak. Hur snygg är den här kvinnan? Helt sjukt att jag tagit den här bilden med min Iphone utan filter, nada. 


UntitledNu sitter jag själv på kontoret omringad av kassar med kläder och försöker rodda ihop det sista inför morgondagens plåtning som jag och Fanny håller i. It’s caos.

Vi har provat looks på Fanny hela dagen. Fina, fina Fanny! 
Sedan drunknade Fanny i halsdukar. 


14790939628_092575259f_hIgår fick jag hänga med min bästa Fingal på Lindex pressfrukost. Jag fick även testa hennes nya Chanel. Den jäveln. Jag vill ha den, haha. 

Imorse snubblade jag över något så fint på instagram som Cecilia Duberg postat. Hon gifte sig nämligen i helgen.

Suppose you could, for a moment, disregard all the love myths, love stories, and love songs lodged in your head, and drop down to your heart, and see love from that perspective. I’m not talking about some metaphorical heart, or the cartoon hearts we see everywhere this Valentine’s season, but your physical heart, beating away inside your chest. By listening to what your heart has to say, we can begin to appreciate love from a new angle.

From your body’s perspective, love is, first and foremost, an emotion—a dynamic mind-body process that rolls through you for a few micromoments any time you connect with someone else over a shared positive feeling. We tend to think of emotions as private events, confined to one person’s mind and skin. Love knows no such boundaries, however. Evidence suggests that when you really “click” with someone else, a discernible yet momentary synchrony emerges between the two of you, as your gestures and biochemistries, even your respective neural firings, come to mirror one another in a pattern I call positivity resonance. Love, from your body’s perspective, is a biological wave of good feeling and mutual care that rolls through two or more brains and bodies at once. Your body needs these micromoments of positivity resonance just like it needs good food and physical activity. These micromoments, our research shows, nourish both you and the other person. The more of these micromoments you each have, the more each of you grows happier, healthier, and wiser.

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